Meet The Staff

Randall W. Duhamell


50 years of Martial Arts Experience

30 years of Law Enforcement Experience

30 years State Certified Police Tactics Trainer

Chief of Police-Retired

4 years as Assistant Wrestling Coach

Kickboxing/Karate/MMA Trainer & Event Promoter

Hospital Police & Public Safety Team Experience

Herb Baatz


38 years police experience and retired Chief of Police

State coordinator and Instructor/Trainer for Indiana 1985 to 1992 - Physical Tactics- P.P.C.T. Management

25 years handling citizen complaints, with 13 years as Internal Affairs Investigator

Special training in: Active Shooter Instructor, Building Entries, Room Searches

13 years experience in school safety and violence as liaison officer

Advanced training in: emergency preparedness, handling difficult people, street survival skills

Operations Commander for 25 years for Police Department

Trained in National Incident Management System