Why was DPTS developed?

Good question. You see when I started teaching physical tactics in the late 80's and early 90's; there were only a few physical tactics programs that were in use across the country. While teaching officers and security men and women, I found that most, and I mean about 85% or more would not practice outside the mandated training session they attended. In addition the skills involved were complex and difficult to perform under stress, especially when the student would not practice or train on a regular basis.

So, I knew I had to develop skills that could be learned in a short amount of time, and work off of gross motor skills so they would be easier to recall under stress. I found that most officers could not move dynamically in a uniform with duty gear, so the skills had to be simple and work under the stated concerns for most officers, most of the time in most situations while performing their duties.

How DPTS was developed and evolved?

DPTS was developed over many years by teaching, testing and then proving the skills with officers of all shapes, sizes and ages. The process was to teach a skill in static mode, then have the student practice in fluid mode and learn it within an hour. The skill was then "proven" in dynamic mode against a knowledgeable person. If the skill could not be completed effectively by 80% of the students within that one hour, the skill was dropped from the program. Also, each skill had to have a direct purpose based on the reason for the contact.

In the final development, only those skills that met all the criteria remained in the program. All DPTS skill sets are designed from defense to control, with the best possible outcome of the officer/person in mind. The skills ARE NOT pain compliance based nor use any type of choke holds or joint locks, but rather designed to focus on controlling a person with little or no injury to the offender, or the officer.

DPTS works for police officers, security agents, school staff, church security teams, protection agents and any persons or groups needing protective or control skills that can be attainable in a relative short amount of time.

Our system has been legally, medically and tactically vetted by professionals in each field. We have been accredited by the State Training Board after review by the Physical Tactics Review Board. Contact us to discuss your training needs!